Developing relationships between father and child – one family at a time.

Lift lives, open hearts, value and empower community through love.

Providing citizens with the opportunity to mediate disagreements, determine their own solutions and resolve differences using a process that is respectful and educational.

Embrace children with incarcerated parents and empower them to break the cycle of generational involvement in the criminal justice system.

To provide a safe environment for local and visiting youth and adults to come together for fun, cultural, artistic actives and enrichment.

Seeks to change the lives of children facing adversity- for the better, forever

To reach out to children in our community who are homeless or living below poverty level

To inspire the next generation of scientists, doctors and engineers.

To teach young women who have experienced trauma to imagine the power of their potential, increase their self-esteem through self-awareness, and encourage them to pursue their dreams in spite of…

We are here to teach through our curriculum how to have the best outcome for your pregnancy, how to be the best parent you can be and how to meet…

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