Facilitate the development of non-motorized recreational pathways, linking them to a growing network of Michigan trails. We will do this by creating awareness, raising funds, and coordinating efforts of individuals,…

The YMCA of the Blue Water Area puts Christian principles into practice through programs that build spirit, mind, and body for all.

Guided by our Christian principles, we strengthen the spirit, mind and body of all individuals.

To put Christian principles into place through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.

CranHill is looking for groups of people from churches, youth groups, and families to partner with us as volunteers on a weekly basis throughout the summer. These volunteers will be…

CranHill Ministries is devoted to being a ministry through which God is transforming lives into the image of Christ through Youth Camps, Family Camping, Retreats and Adventure Experiences.

The Covenant House mission is centered and built on community, where youth, staff, volunteers, and partners love one another unconditionally, respect each other absolutely, and dedicate ourselves to a covenant…

To promote and nurture City Opera House as a regional hub for connecting people to the arts and each other.

Working together to empower children and families by providing comprehensive services (Health, Nutrition, Social Service, Mental Health, Disabilities, Education, Transition and Parent Involvement) that help to ensure a better future.

To provide expert, comprehensive services in Southeast Michigan so that children who are impacted by abuse and neglect are able to make unique contributions to their communities.

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