Our mission is to support the East Lansing Public Library in as many ways as possible.

To create a special place on Marquette’s waterfront that achieves a sustainable balance of educational, recreational, and commercial uses.

Friendly, full-service community library located on Escanaba’s waterfront.

To fulfill donor wishes and enable community initiatives to come to life, now and forever

Lift lives, open hearts, value and empower community through love.

Embrace children with incarcerated parents and empower them to break the cycle of generational involvement in the criminal justice system.

To help preserve the heritage and traditions of the Michigan Air National Guard, Selfridge Air National Guard Base, and the units that are/or were stationed there.

To provide a safe environment for local and visiting youth and adults to come together for fun, cultural, artistic actives and enrichment.

To preserve Lebanese American heritage and culture, and build cultural bridges between Lebanon and the United States.

To inspire the next generation of scientists, doctors and engineers.

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