Facilitate the development of non-motorized recreational pathways, linking them to a growing network of Michigan trails. We will do this by creating awareness, raising funds, and coordinating efforts of individuals,…

To conserve, care for and enhance the connection of people to Walloon Lake and its watershed, now and forever.

Conserving the land, water and scenic character of Leelanau County.

To protect significant natural, scenic and farm lands – and advancing stewardship – now and for future generations.

To manage the Grass River Natural Area, conserve and protect its watershed, and provide opportunities that increase knowledge, appreciation and community-wide stewardship of the natural environment.

The Little Forks Conservancy permanently protects and improves natural environments in mid-Michigan by leading and inspiring actions that conserve vital habitats and waterways for the benefit of our entire community.​

Protect and restore Central Michigan’s land, water, and wildlife resources to improve the quality of life for all.

The ODC Network has multiple advisory committees to help provide expertise for staff on a variety of topics. These committees meet throughout the year and are an important part of…

Advancing outdoor education and conservation in West Michigan.

Maybe you’d like to help us out with Riverdays or volunteer at the Santa House during Christmas. You might even like visiting us at the Community Foundation to see how…

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