To provide aid to veterans that sacrificed and served this Country in times of war and peace.

To develop new and maturing followers of Jesus Christ.

A free, healing resource for women with cancer that treats the mind, body and spirit.

Embrace children with incarcerated parents and empower them to break the cycle of generational involvement in the criminal justice system.

To support this wonderful facility and the population it serves

Providing a safe, child-friendly atmosphere for children to make difficult but truthful disclosures one time, one place to, and to one person.

To provide help, hope and the Good News to our community through the skills and means of God’s people and the transforming power of Christ’s love.

To reach out to children in our community who are homeless or living below poverty level

To teach young women who have experienced trauma to imagine the power of their potential, increase their self-esteem through self-awareness, and encourage them to pursue their dreams in spite of…

Feed the Needs of the Community Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.

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