To develop new and maturing followers of Jesus Christ.

To provide help, hope and the Good News to our community through the skills and means of God’s people and the transforming power of Christ’s love.

To reach out to children in our community who are homeless or living below poverty level

Feed the Needs of the Community Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.

To provide fort he physical and spiritual needs of the under-resourced in out local communities.

To create a brighter future for the children of Michigan.

To meet tangible needs & bring hope to people in need. Working together we can make a positive impact in our community.

Good Shepherd Coalition seeks to lift individuals and families who are in crisis.

To provide assistance to school aged children, single mothers and fathers, and those experiencing homelessness and hunger locally and nationwide.

Every month, we hit the streets of Detroit and distribute food and clothing to our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

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