To create places, programs and possibilities for those of us with disabilities and other challenges to explore the arts in an atmosphere of hope, growth and encouragement.

To improve long-term coordination and communication among 501(c)(3) civic and voter engagement organizations in Michigan.

A fun, Christ-centered, and safe place for people ages 14 to 45 with mild to moderate disabilities to come, hang out, and make friends!

A place for community, connection, and conversation for refugees, immigrants, or visitors to this country.

To support individuals in the pursuit of their chosen goals and the achievement of personal satisfaction in their lives.

To serve God, by serving others – We serve God by volunteering to assist widows, single moms, veterans, elderly, the disabled and others in need including non-profit organizations.

To fill a need for quality programming for individuals with severe multiple disabilities.

To uplift and encourage youth of all ages to become compassionate, intelligent, and logical decision makers while embracing their abilities to become the future leaders of encouragement and empowerment.

Dream of Detroit is combining community organizing with strategic housing and land development to build a healthy community and empower our neighborhood on the Westside of Detroit.

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