Our mission is to serve our community by restoring mental health and well-being through therapeutic, nature-based programing and strong relationship building among peers.

To coordinate and direct the community participants in their efforts to improve the environment and strengthen the economy in southwest Detroit.

A collective of passionate environmentalists striving to maintain Earth’s natural resources.

To support small and urban farms in the Lansing area and integrate food and farming into larger community building efforts

SWMLC works to conserve the scenic and ecologically important landscapes that give our region its natural character — now and for generations to come.

The Stewards of Kleinstuck unite neighbors, ecologists and Western Michigan University land managers to create a healthier, more diverse and beautiful ecosystem in the Kleinstuck Preserve, for the benefit of…

To strengthen the collective efforts of organizations dedicated to the conservation of Michigan’s environmentally and economically significant land and water.

To create just, equitable, and inclusive solutions to climate change and other community sustainability challenges.