Bernard Zoet

Hero Story

The late Bernard “Bernie” Zoet dedicated his life to serving his community. He spent 35 years as a volunteer fundraiser for The Other Way, and several years on the organization’s board. Long after he retired as an official fundraiser with the Other Way, he continued to organize an annual coat drive to serve the community, and later passed the responsibility to his son. Bernie also served through his ministry his entire life, including helping to establish the Woodland Drive-In Church in Grand Rapids and serve on the board of Market Place Ministry. Bernie was also a long-time blood donor, donating dozens of gallons over many years. In addition to all of his formal service, Bernie spent every day asking how to be of service to others. His service was quiet and humble, and he touched hundreds of lives before his passing in early 2021. He instilled these values in his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and left a legacy of service to community with his passing.