Christine Mwangi

Hero Story

Christine Mwangi is the Founder and President of the nonprofit Be a Rose, Inc. which works to provide health and wellness education to underserved people. It also works to distribute feminine hygiene products at no cost. This organization was founded in 2016 and aids people in the Greater Grand Rapids area, and neighboring Ottawa County. In 2017, the nonprofit adopted a primary school in Kenya (Paul Mbiu Primary School), where they provide period products twice a year as they are working to finance the construction of working toilets for students and staff to provide appropriate sanitation in an attempt to end myths about menstruation and keep girls in school.

Christine Mwangi has worked tirelessly to support her nonprofit’s mission and end period poverty. Through her organization, underserved people in Grand Rapids, MI and beyond have been given access to period products that they previously did not have. Her organization is working to end the stigma surrounding women’s menstruation and stop the shame people feel around it. She is making an immeasurable difference in the lives of people each day.