Dr. Bobby Mukkamala

Hero Story

Dr. Bobby Mukkamala is a selfless Flint treasure, always doing whatever he can to make the community a better place. In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, he purchased several 3D printers and began making hundreds of face masks for medical professionals and others in need of the personal protective equipment. As President of the Michigan State Medical Society, he also guided the Governor’s Office and physicians statewide. With his sparse free time, Dr. Mukkamala volunteered initially at COVID-19 test sites and has recently devoted his time to vaccinating the community, including the Lt. Governor of Michigan! He spends time on social media, and with other Media Organizations, educating the public about Covid-19 and Vaccinations, helping all Michiganders be more informed and lead safer, healthier lives. Dr. Mukkamala is a true hero!