Sarah’s Story

“I want to get a better paying job so I can support these handsome guys,” Sarah* said, motioning to her three adorable sons.

Sarah heard about the GED Completion Program at Alpha Grand Rapids (AGR) through the Step Up Mentoring Program. Sarah told her mentor she was interested in nursing and wanted to go to college, but had not completed high school. Sarah’s mentor shared about AGR’s GED Program and how classes are free, held at night, and include one-on-one tutoring. AGR also pays for each student to take the four tests required to receive a GED. Four months later, after attending 2-hour classes every week, taking countless practice tests, and spending hours studying, Sarah received her GED.

“Everyone here [at AGR] is so friendly and has been so supportive. They really want to help me,” Sarah said. “I feel comfortable here. I also really enjoyed the prayer times before class every week; they helped calm me.” Sarah was the first student at AGR to receive her GED with the new testing format, which is significantly more difficult in every subject area. “Sarah is very motivated and a hard worker,” said Valerie Conley, GED instructor. “I am confident that she will be persistent in accomplishing her goals for the future.” Sarah attended an AGR Job Preparedness Seminar after receiving her GED and plans to enroll at Davenport University or GRCC to get her degree in nursing.

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