This key volunteer position supports one or two international students, their host families and high schools. The AR serves as an unbiased advocate for the student, offering guidance and support…

Give presentations or staff a booth at schools, meetings, conferences, festivals, fairs, and other events. Represent YFU at local functions. Support virtual information nights online and/or speak directly with applicants.

Provide basic procedural training and orientation to volunteers or program participants in partnership with the Field Director. They follow organizational guidelines and use standard YFU USA training and orientation manuals…

Help prepare students for their study abroad experience through interactive workshops, games, and curriculum.

Coordinate the activities of YFU alumni, facilitating communication within a field.

Interview prospective study abroad applicants, organize an Interview Day event in your local community.

Provide leadership and supervision for other volunteers in a specific geographic area as directed by the Field Director.

Perform various tasks related to the International Student and host family program. These can include some or all of the following: recruitment, presentations, interviews, orientations, support, or administrative process.

Read and score scholarship applications and help select winners (can be done online).

Volunteer for school tours, play and learn programs, and special programs that center on teaching kids and families about science and history in Muskegon County. Education docents provide supplemental knowledge…

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